Liberal Democrats have today voted on Trident replacement: to support the building of three submarines rather than four and an end to the practice of continuous deployment of submarines. Delegates rejected an amendment from grassroots party members which would have seen the party adopt a position of opposing Trident replacement completely. The vote comes after a year-long review to which CND contributed.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“Whilst we recognise that the Liberal Democrats do not support the full folly of Trident replacement, they have today missed an opportunity to join the many voices in British politics opposing Trident replacement and calling for the programme to be cancelled.”

“CND congratulates those Liberal Democrat members who participated in the review and spoke so compellingly in the debate this afternoon. It is a shame that more of their colleagues did not support them when it came to a vote.”

“We will continue to make the arguments against Trident replacement alongside our allies in the Liberal Democrats and across society, where there is a clear move away from nuclear weapons.”