17 October 2004: For immediate release

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today reacted with outrage at the Independent on Sunday’s report that the Prime Minister has secretly agreed to host US Star Wars missiles at Fylingdales. The group has promised to use all means possible to resist the move. CND criticises the decision to host such missiles, the secretive, behind the scenes deal-making that led to that decision and the reported plans to develop a spin campaign to win public support.

In response, the campaign group has promised to use all non-violent means to stop deployment of such missiles, including a peace camp at the base if/when building begins, an awareness-raising campaign, demonstrations, direct action and educating parliamentarians. Should deployment or building work begin at the base for these missiles, CND has declared Fylingdales will become Blair’s Greenham Common.

Kate Hudson, Chair of CND, said,

“Just as with the initial agreement for the Fylingdales radar to be used for Star Wars, and just as with Iraq, Tony Blair has made a hugely important defence policy deal with the US behind closed doors and without debate. A decision of this magnitude should be debated in parliament and the country. CND will push hard for that debate and will do all it can to resist deployment of Star Wars missiles in the UK”

Neil Kingsnorth, CND’s Star Wars campaigner said,

“We’ve had enough of the closed-door democracy of this government. Star Wars missiles in the UK will not provide another layer of defence, as Blair will tell us when his spin machine kicks in, but will make the UK a greater target for attack. The UK does not need to be the front-line of defence for the US homeland and Tony Blair needs to start putting the UK’s interests before those of US foreign policy.”

The Star Wars system is designed not for defence but for control and securing US’s position as sole superpower. It threatens to provoke nuclear proliferation and lead to the placing of weapons in space. CND argues that the UK should not only play no part in the system but should openly oppose is on the international stage.



1) For further comment/interview contact Neil Kingsnorth (Star Wars campaigner) 07818 411823 or Ruth Tanner (Press Officer) 07968 420859

2) CND is one of the UK’s leading campaign organisations campaigning against the Star Wars system and space weapons and has a dedicated campaign unit based in Yorkshire.