For immediate release: 3 June 2003

CND are incensed at the lies and hypocrisy of the Nuclear Weapons States (NWS) of the G-8 following the summit in Evian. CND full heartedly agree with aims to end the proliferation of nuclear weapons yet are dismayed by the statements and actions of the NWS in particular those from the UK and US governments. The G-8 applied pressure on North Korea and Iran to abandon its covert nuclear weapons programmes, yet the US scrapped commitments to the ABM Treaty, are in the process of ending their requirements to the Comprehensive Test Ban (CTB) Treaty – all in direct violation of its obligations to the Non-Proliferation Treaty-(NPT).

Only a few weeks ago Secretary of State Colin Powell stated “The US remains firmly committed to its obligations under the NPT. US intentions are based on a desire and intention to reduce our reliance on nuclear weapons and eliminate surplus stocks of weapons-grade material. An NPT to which all states adhere and fully comply would serve to protect against the prospect of regional nuclear competition and to reduce the risk of nuclear war.” Yet Congress has just approved ending a decade-old ban on developing atomic battlefield weapons and endorsing the creation of nuclear “bunker-buster” bombs. They also rubber-stamped the administration’s request for funds to prepare for a quick resumption of nuclear weapons testing. The UK are doing little to hold up to their obligations to end the proliferation of nuclear weapons as hundreds of extra scientists are being sought to help ensure that new nuclear weapons can be designed in the future and to conduct joint research with the US.

CND are flabbergasted at the US and UK governments hypocrisy and lies – nothing could be more obvious and in flagrant disregard of international treaties and attempts to end the proliferation of nuclear weapons. CND are dismayed at the ability of the US and UK governments to accuse Iran and North Korea of allegedly building a nuclear weapons programme when not only do both countries possess Weapons of Mass Destruction-(WMD) but are in the process of making the use of those weapons a reality.


CND Chair Carol Naughton said “This is unequivocal proof one can not believe what is coming from the US and UK governments. They accused Iraq of violating treaties and being in procession of Weapons of Mass Destruction-(WMD) yet to date there is no proof they possess any such weapons. The US, with UK riding piggy-back, is beating the same drum against North Korea and in particular Iran as they did against Iraq, yet this time Parliament and the people will not be duped. CND are calling for the UK and US governments to abide by their commitments of the NPT to make an ‘unequivocal undertaking to accomplish the total elimination of their nuclear arsenals’ and commit themselves to the programme of 13 practical steps to achieve this goal.”






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