When sharing or posting about your event on social media, use the hashtag: #NoUSnukes

Sample promo post:
The return of US nuclear weapons to Britain puts us all on the frontline of any war between US/NATO and Russia. Join [CND group] as we oppose this dangerous development. #NoUSnukes

📅 23 Sep, from Xpm

More info 👇
[link to groups event page/website]

Adding Photos

When posting about your event or action on social media, it’s good to consider adding photos to your posts. Good photos always do well on social media. Some tips:

-Try and take good quality ones that are the best shape for the format you’re using – for example landscape photos are best for Twitter/X, while square images are good for Instagram.
-Try and use the photo to convey why you’re protesting. You could include campaign leaflets, a banner with the name of your group on, or CND activists having conversations with the public.
-Take as many photos as possible and choose your best ones for social media – a mixture of both candid and posed shots works well.
-And make use of natural light!