Demonstrators called for immediate peace talks to avert the growing threat of nuclear war. They called on the UK government to prioritise diplomatic solutions to the war, and to stop escalating the supply of weapons that further fuel the conflict.

Opposition to both the Russian invasion and NATO’s escalation of the war were made clear by those demonstrating. Calls to abandon proposed plans for increased military spending during a cost of living crisis were also strongly expressed.

The march, organised by Stop the War Coalition and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, marked one year of the war and ended with a rally in Trafalgar Square addressed by musician Brian Eno, Claudia Webbe MP, German MP Andrej Hunko, speakers from the PCS and RMT trade unions amongst others.

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said:

“The UK government has blocked peace negotiations and fuelled the war with weaponry and rhetoric. Now it says the war will go on for another year at least. How many hundreds of thousands more will die as a result? This war must be ended and negotiations urgently backed, to bring peace and reconstruction to Ukraine. This is what our government must work for – and put an end to its current escalatory policies, which only increase the risk of nuclear war.”

Stop the War Convenor, Lindsey German, said:

“We stand in solidarity with all those protesting, and with those in Ukraine and Russia who are bravely raising their voices against war. Opposition to the war will grow internationally as the real nature of the war becomes increasingly clear.”

Die Linke MP, Andrej Hunko, said:

“We all know more weapons will bring more suffering. The global south wants negotiations and we should support that demand. There is a total lack of will for diplomacy from our leaders but voices for diplomacy are becoming stronger and stronger. We are the voice for the alternative to increasing escalation to the war. We must continue to push for peace and negotiations.”

A gallery with pictures from the day can be found here.