The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has condemned the “unbridled expenditure” on Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system.

The statement comes as the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announces a £1 billion contract with Rolls Royce to include the building of nuclear reactors for the next generation of nuclear armed submarines.

Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary stated:

“It is no surprise that the public are incredulous when they are told that Britain doesn’t have any money. The Ministry of Defence keeps finding further billions to pile into a Cold War nuclear weapons system which a majority of people are opposed to.”

“When local services are being slashed, this really shows the government’s skewed priorities. Just recently the MoD announced another £350m spending on designs for the as-yet-unauthorised next generation of nuclear armed submarines. Now they’re spending vast amounts on the reactors for them.”

“This kind of unbridled expenditure shows the need for greater Parliamentary scrutiny of, and public opposition to, the wild commitment to an economically disastrous and strategically moribund nuclear weapons system.”