The human and environmental cost of Britain’s nuclear weapons testing 

Parliamentary CND webinar

In pursuing nuclear weapons, nuclear-armed states – including Britain – have caused long-lasting human and environmental damage and destruction. When we discuss the terrifying consequences of nuclear war and weapons, it is important to understand that the production of these weapons has already had devastating consequences for many indigenous people across the globe. Between 1957-62, the British government undertook nuclear testing on the colonised islands of Kiribati. Many are still suffering from birth defects, cancers and other serious illnesses connected to radiation poisoning. The UK government refuses to acknowledge the experiences of many on the Pacific Islands and has refused to make reparations.

Watch back this Parliamentary CND webinar with guest speakers HE Teburoro Tito, Kiribati Ambassador to the United Nations; Dr Becky Alexis-Martin, author and lecturer; and Tom Unterrainer, CND Chair. The meeting was chaired by Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, Vice-Chair of Parliamentary CND.