Hiroshima: Never Forget

Support our Hiroshima appeal. The above drawing is by Miyaji Tomiko. She was 34 when the atomic bomb was...

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Truman’s ‘Atomic Diplomacy’: Gar Alperovitz interview

Professor Gar Alperovitz is an eminent historian and political economist who has held senior office in the US Congress...

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Time, memory and nuclear weapons: exhibition

We invite you to view an online exhibition by London CND, launched  on Nagasaki Day, 9th August 2020, curated...

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News  /  5 Aug 2020
UK Government lobbies Congress over new nuclear warhead

The UK has made an unprecedented intervention into a US Congress debate in support...

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Hiroshima cherry tree
Kate Hudson's Blog  /  9 Aug 2020
Interview with author and academic Becky Alexis-Martin

CND Campaigns Officer Sara Medi Jones interviews author and academic Dr Becky Alexis-Martin in...

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Event on 3 Oct 2020
Christian CND Annual General Meeting and annual conference

Join Christian CND for their Annual General Meeting and annual conference! The event will take

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Remember Hiroshima Nagasaki T-shirt

Made from certified organic cotton in a wind-powered factory.

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