Sizewell C is not the answer

Anti-nuclear campaigners have responded to news that a planning application has been submitted for the Sizewell C nuclear power station...

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MoD’s wasted billions are a national scandal

Anti-nuclear campaigners have responded to a new report published today by the UK Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee. The report says the...

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Nuclear Ban Communities

Can your town become a Nuclear Ban Community? The United Nations adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear...

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News  /  1 Jun 2020
CND lockdown livestreams

CND has been live-streaming seminars on defence diversification, security, nuclear weapons, and more throughout...

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Kate Hudson's Blog  /  2 Jun 2020
Trident: down to three subs?

Interesting news is emerging that the defence budget is facing cuts of up to...

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Event on 5 Jun 2020
London CND weekly teach-in series

London CND is posting a new Teach-In video weekly, each introducing a peace theme. Join

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Give Peace A Chance T-shirt

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