Polling commissioned by CND shows the majority of the British public support a total global ban on nuclear weapons and want the government to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

A national poll conducted on 12-13th January for CND by Survation, showed the following:

● 59% of the public support the UK government signing up to the TPNW, including 50% of Conservative voters and 68% of Labour voters.

● 77% support a ‘total ban on all nuclear weapons globally’, including 71% of Conservative voters and 83% of Labour voters.

● Both the UK signing the TPNW and a total global nuclear ban have majority support across every single demographic (age, regions and nations, education level, income bracket, 2019 GE vote, and 2016 EU referendum vote)

This true reflection of public opinion on nuclear weapons is widely articulated, if less widely reported – it’s found in the outspoken positions of many faith leaders, of many trade union leaders, of many campaigns – and in the day to day work of those who want our resources spent on dealing with the pandemic and the climate emergency, not on weapons of mass destruction.

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