The Nuke Free Europe network is coordinating a month of action this September to highlight the presence of nuclear weapons stationed across the continent. Here in the UK, we will be shining a spotlight on the nuclear chain by encouraging action at nuclear sites across the country on September 26th. This is an opportunity to highlight the government’s twisted priorities –increasing its number of nuclear warheads during a pandemic while refusing to pay nurses properly.

Take your banners, organise a die-in, arrange a visual stunt – anything to show how sites and buildings across the UK are building a new nuclear weapons system.

Actions are being planned for the following sites:

For more information contact Nigel Day / oxfordcnd@phonecoop.coop / 01865 248357
For more information contact Nigel Day / oxfordcnd@phonecoop.coop / 01865 248357
Rolls Royce plant in Derby

Get in touch (information@cnduk.org) if you would like more information or if you would like to coordinate activities at any other nuclear site. We have Nurses not Nukes tshirts, posters, stickers and leaflets for you to use on the day.

Scottish CND, together with organisations from across the Scottish peace movement, will coordinate actions at Faslane and around Scotland. If you plan on taking action in Scotland, please also get in touch with campaigns@banthebomb.org and scnd@banthebomb.org.

And if there is a better date locally for your action in September, feel free to arrange on that date as part of the month of action.