We are expecting a massive march tomorrow – Saturday 11th November – to demand a ceasefire in Gaza. Hundreds of thousands will be on the streets of London from all across Britain to make our voices heard.

While the brutal bombardment and killing in Gaza continues, with over 10,000 dead, the bombing of refugee camps and hospitals, and the refusal of the Israeli government to allow any humanitarian aid, we believe it is vital to keep marching and to raise our voices in solidarity with the Palestinians.

Suella Braverman has described our marches as ‘hate marches’ and has tried to pressurise the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to ban the one this weekend. Rishi Sunak has called it ‘disrespectful’ and also tried to get it banned.

Braverman’s interventions have tried to stop us marching and to make it harder for us to organise. She has deliberately stoked fear and hatred and given a green light to far right forces to try to disrupt the demonstration. She wants to create a climate of violence which we as organisers completely reject.

The numbers we are expecting will present challenges but we have put a huge amount of effort into stewarding and safeguarding the march. We wanted to provide a second stage  to help accommodate the numbers but the police have not allowed this. We expect a mass peaceful protest reflecting the diversity and unity of the movement. We know that our supporters will do everything they can to cooperate and work together and make this a historic day when we stand up in huge numbers for the rights of the Palestinians.

We ask everyone to stay together, to organise stewards for your coach or group, to avoid any provocations, and to ensure that we have a protest which demonstrates to the world how strong our movement is.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Stop the War Coalition, Muslim Association of Britain, Palestinian Forum in Britain and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.