Call to action

Across the country Trade Unions are organising the fight back against the cuts in public spending. Trident must not be ignored in this debate. It is leeching billions from the economy and threatening the lives of people across the world.

A bold step is needed. As with the abolition of slavery, Britain could be the country to take the lead. With the economy in such dire straits, the stakes are higher than ever.

As a Trade Unionist you can:

  • Pass  a motion in support of the TUC’s anti-Trident policy at your Union Branch
  • Pass a motion in support of setting up a defence diversification agency in the Labour Party
  • Get your Branch to affiliate to CND
  • Pass policy at your National Conference
  • Invite CND to contribute to your union magazine or website
  • Invite a CND speaker to address your branch or conference
  • Attend CND protests, demonstrations and events

We must not let the Government waste billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money that could better be spent on jobs, pensions, education and health. We must improve the lives of the British people without threatening the lives of others.

The CND Trade Union campaign can be reached at: or 020 7700 2393