As world leaders gather at the NATO Summit in Celtic Manor Newport tomorrow – Thursday 4th September – peace protestors will be marching from Newport to the Celtic Manor to hand in peace messages to the Summit.

Protestors will gather at 12 noon at the Cenotaph, Newport, before starting the three mile march to Celtic Manor.

A delegation of 12 local and international campaigners will be allowed through the security fence to hand in letters and messages expressing concerns about NATO, its policies and its actions.

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson, who will be part of the delegation, said:
‘We welcome this opportunity to present our message of peace to world leaders. Our peaceful protests throughout the week have shown widespread public concern about NATO’s war policies from across the globe. We have heard strong objections to taxpayers’ money being spent on yet more weapons of war and aggression when vital public services are being cut.

‘Far from promoting security, NATO is a destabilising global force. Its war of aggression in Afghanistan has killed tens of thousands and left that country fragmented: the ripples of which are being felt across the region.
‘Through its insatiable expansion into eastern Europe, capitalising on the vacuum left following the collapse of the USSR, NATO has contributed to heightening tensions around Russia and Ukraine, and risks provoking a new Cold War. It’s time to say No to NATO.’

Thursday 4th September
First day of NATO Summit
Mass action and march on the Celtic Manor. Gather at 12.00, Cenotaph, Clarence Place, Newport NP11 6DG.