18 January 2005: For immediate release

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Stop the War are organising a silent candlelit protest outside the US Embassy to mark the day of Bush’s inauguration, Thursday 20th January, 5 – 6pm, Grosvenor Square. Kate Hudson, Chair of CND, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Bruce Kent, Pat Arrowsmith, Rae Street, whistleblower David Shayler, George Galloway, Lindsey German and others will be attending. There will be one hundred candles each representing one thousand Iraqi civilians killed since the invasion. Everyone taking part will be in black and a wreath will be laid to remember the dead.

The illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq has created massive suffering and violence in the country is spiralling out of control. Reports indicate over 100,000 Iraqi fatalities and more than 1,400 US-led Coalition troops have been killed. Iraqi civilians are living in desperate circumstances without basic services including water, power and sewerage. There cannot be real peace and security for the Iraqi people until the aggressor forces leave Iraq. Iraqis must have full control over their resources, their security and all aspects of their national sovereignty.

Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament,

“George Bush’s first term in office was shaped by aggressive foreign policy and lies. Even the US have called off the hunt for weapons of mass destruction now. As we look forward with dread to the prospect of four more years of President Bush we will come together to remember those who have suffered and died due to his warmongering policies.

His second term looks no better. The situation in Iraq is getting worse with no seeming end in sight and recent reports suggest that there is a real threat of military action against Iran. As Bush continues to ignore international law and defy international treaties it is vital that we continue to campaign against policies which threaten the safety and security of the world.”




Notes to editor:


1. For more information and interviews please contact Ruth Tanner CND’s Press & Communications Officer on 07968 420859

2. Please find the most up to date list of accounted for Iraqi dead

3. John Hopkins University Survey published in the Lancet.

4. Please find the list of Naming the Dead ceremonies taking place across the UK and of Service Personal who have died in Iraq.

5. 15th February 2005 – Day of action against the Occupation of Iraq – including a Mass Die-in in Parliament Square

6. 19th March 2005 – National Demonstration against the Occupation of Iraq – End the Occupation, Bring the Troops Home