CND General Secretary, Kate Hudson said in response to the 2021 Autumn Statement:

“Today the government’s Autumn Budget statement seeks to reaffirm Britain’s dangerous military expansionism.  The statement asserts that “the budget and the Strategic Review confirms the largest sustained increase in defence spending since the Cold War to safeguard the UK’s cutting edge military, underlining the UK’s commitment to NATO.” This is in the context of the Prime Minister’s announcement a year ago which committed an additional £24 billion over four years, followed by the Integrated Review in March which included a 40% increase in the UK’s nuclear arsenal.

“The statement made by the Chancellor is further evidence of the government’s unwillingness to prioritise the real threats to our security, a decision which will have devastating effects for us all.

“The inadequate funding provided for dealing with the climate emergency, including green jobs and homes, just days before the British government hosts COP26 in Glasgow, is a massive failure.

“Climate change and nuclear weapons are the biggest threats to our existence.”

“The Trident nuclear weapons system will cost more than £205 billion over its lifetime.  This is money which would be better spent on education, the NHS and tackling the deep inequalities in our society, exacerbated by the pandemic.”