Please note that due to the new national lockdown, as of 05/01/2020 the CND national office in London is temporarily closed while the new restrictions apply.

All staff are still working remotely, and all should be able to get back to you on email. To contact the office staff, please email the following depending on your enquiry:
Peace education

Or you can phone 07891 870732 and your call will be re-directed to the right person.

The office closure means that we will be unable to send materials or shop orders. We will also not be receiving post, so please be patient if you are awaiting acknowledgement of a donation made by post.

If you have sent a postal donation in response to our newspaper advert appeal, and would still like your name to be included, then please contact to let us know how you’d like your name to appear.

We will keep you updated with news as soon as we have it, and although the office is closed our campaigning continues! Thank you.