Responding to the decision of the German government to phase out their nuclear power stations by 2022, with the older plants being decommissioned immediately, Kate Hudson, General Secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said:
“Germany’s decision is very welcome and should serve as a model for Britain and other countries moving to a nuclear-free, low carbon future. If a high-skilled society such as Germany – with a strong industrial safety record – says it can’t justify the risk to its citizens from nuclear power, why should it be any different here?

“Germany has reached this decision after a serious review of the evidence, whereas our government has said there is ‘no reason’ for scrapping nuclear power because a tsunami is unlikely here. But the risks inherent in nuclear power – including radioactive waste that remains deadly for thousands of years – have not gone away.

“Germany looks set to ensure their energy security by investing in new technologies that will doubtless have a huge export market. Britain could be doing just the same if the government would only take a genuinely open-minded approach to this issue. Unless something changes, we look set to remain the nuclear dirty man of Europe.”