For immediate release: 12 November 2003

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today criticised the news that Iran has produced plutonium in a nuclear programme at its Tehran Nuclear Research Centre. However, they urged the US and UK to look carefully at their own nuclear records before planning any action. The campaign group, which is busy preparing protests for the visit of the world’s biggest nuclear villain – George Bush – next week, warned that the threat of nuclear proliferation will not go away until all states are equally committed to their abolition.

“CND strongly criticises moves by any state to produce nuclear weapons. We urge interested parties to enter negotiations with Iran and strongly oppose any US-led threats, sanctions or violence against Iran.”

“Lest we forget, the US and UK are both breaking the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty daily with their ownership of nuclear weapons and the US is moving to develop a whole new generation of these awesome weapons. Nuclear hypocrisy is not the route to disarmament or non-proliferation”

CND is one of Europe’s largest single-issue peace campaigns, a leading expert on nuclear proliferation and nuclear threats and one of the three organisers of the Stop Bush campaign, including the major demonstration next Thursday November 20th.