For immediate release: 11 April 2003

CND is organising a demonstration this Saturday the 12th April, in London, together with Stop the War Coalition and Muslim Association of Britain. CND is calling for the march to enable people to share their pain and grief over the humanitarian crisis that is hitting Iraq as a result of the war.


There will be a minute’s silence in Parliament Square as the two marches converge, plus flowers and wreath laying at Downing Street to commemorate all those who have been killed in the war.


CND encourage people to bring along their own banners, flowers, placards, broken toys, signs, ripped clothes, symbols, megaphones, etc. to show how they feel about this illegal and immoral war.


The demonstration is at 12 noon at two new assembly points: Start A – (for people coming from the South and London), assembling at York Road, Waterloo SE1 (nearest tube Waterloo). Start B – (for the North), assemble Victoria St (nearest tubes Victoria and St James Park). Both marches will march past Parliament, unite at Parliament Square and march to Hyde Park.


To prevent a worsening catastrophe in Iraq CND states:-

– NOW is the time to ensure all the international humanitarian aid reaches the people who need it – (before we are complicit in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people from disease and lack of clean water and food.)

– NOW is the time to get the weapons inspectors back in – (to find corroborated evidence of alleged chemical and biological weapons)

– NOW is the time to get human rights monitors in.

– NOW is the time to restore the legitimacy and the power of the UN. A UN Force should take over which would have the support of the international community – (not the coalition of the belligerent).

– The immediate holding administration of Iraq should be led by the UN not the US and be representative of Iraqi society. Iraqi opposition groups inside Iraq must be involved in helping set that up.

– What is needed is mountains of humanitarian aid and real money for reconstruction that doesn’t line the pockets of the US/UK companies.


CND Chairwoman Carol Naughton said “I hope and pray this war is over and I am relieved to see the end of Saddam Hussein’s regime. However it does not change my belief that this war is illegal and immoral. The use of cluster bombs and depleted uranium is a crime against the people of Iraq and it is them who will suffer from this for years to come. Tony Blair, Jack Straw and Geoff Hoon must be held accountable for these war crimes.”





Notes for the Editor

1. Contact Ben Miller at CND Press Office on 07968-420-859 or Carol Naughton Chairperson on 07736-698-702