Add Your Name To CND’s Newspaper Adverts

Early next year, new cost estimates for the UK’s nuclear weapons system are expected to be revealed, shedding further light on the colossal sums of public money being spent on weapons of mass destruction.

This at a time when years of austerity and reductions in spending have cut our vital public services to the bone.

CND says enough is enough.

We plan to publish a full page advert in The Guardian in early March, to coincide with the Chancellor’s Spring Statement – a strong statement to government and to all political parties that every pound spent on nuclear weapons is an abhorrent waste with no benefit to society.

Please help get this ad to print: make a donation using the form on this page and we’ll add your name to it.

If 750 people donate £20 we’ll have enough to fund the ad, but any amount will make a difference.

We must receive your donation by 9th February for your name to appear.