Protect the INF Treaty

Donald Trump has announced that he intends to withdraw the US from the INF Treaty – risking nuclear escalation not seen since the Cold War.

We must protect the INF. If we allow this agreement to be torn up, ground-launched nuclear missiles could come back to the UK and the possibility of nuclear war in Europe becomes more likely. Please donate to CND today.

We’re lobbying hard to protect the INF. The government should be condemning the US’ intentions and facilitating a diplomatic way of resolving the crisis.

But we urgently need donations to help cover briefings, transport, meeting spaces and more.

Your donation would help us become a stronger and more powerful voice to challenge this latest, dangerous nuclear development.

£10 could pay for briefings we’re giving to MPs on the importance of protecting the INF Treaty

£25 would help us lobby the Foreign Secretary to condemn Trump’s plan

£50 could pay towards banners and staging for our next mass demonstration