Donate to our Tube Adverts

Help spread our message loud and clear in London tube stations this September – where millions of people travel everyday!

As students return to university and freshers’ week begins, we want to get our message out to this new generation – as well as wider society. Many students are active in solidarity with the Palestinian people – and we stand with them. Let’s help make them also aware of the existential threat posed by nuclear weapons. Let’s win them to our cause!

The text of the advert will read: 

The risk of nuclear war has never been higher
Get active to stop it
Join the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Can you help us raise the £15,000 we need to run this London tube advert campaign? We know that this kind of action can be effective in reaching a large number of people, and the more money we can raise, the more people we can reach.

Any amount is gratefully received, but if everyone donated £20 we would have an extremely high profile campaign!