What is an Early Day Motion?

An Early Day Motion (EDM) is a mechanism MPs can use to raise awareness of a particular issue, event, campaign, or accomplishment. At the same time, EDMs can be used to call on the Government to perform a particular action, and they enable MPs to highlight their support for a cause that is important to them. The contents of an EDM are submitted in form of an elongated sentence or statement, and whilst they are tabled in the name of one Primary Sponsor and multiple Sponsors, they are open to other MPs to sign in order to register their support. The more MPs who sign the EDM, the greater the demonstration of Parliamentary support for a particular cause or view.

Parliamentary CND regularly drafts and submits its own EDMs, and CND call on our members and supporters to request that their MP sign them.

EDMs by Parliamentary CND

Below, you will find the EDMs that Parliamentary CND is currently promoting. Please take a look and encourage your MPs to sign!

                   US Withdrawal from Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (EDM 1744) 

An EDM in response to President Trump’s decision to pull the USA out of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).  It calls  on the Government to to use its influence on Washington to urge the US to deal with any concerns it may have over treaty compliance through diplomatic means and to uphold its commitments to the treaty.  Click here to view and call on your MP to sign.

Global Nuclear Ban Treaty (EDM 374) 

An EDM in support of the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. It calls  on the Government to develop and publish an appropriate transition plan so that the UK is prepared and ready to sign and ratify the treaty at the first opportunity. Click here to view and call on your MP to sign.


Historical EDMs 

Below are a selection of past EDMs supported by Parliamentary CND.