Under Pressure: How Pressure Groups Operate

Students explore how pressure groups operate, and create their own in the classroom! The teaching pack is made up of three lessons: power and influence of pressure groups, how pressure groups operated and creating their own campaign.  The lessons are highly relevant to the curriculum an exam syllabuses of Citizenship, Sociology, Government & Politics and English, and are an excellent way to help meet SMSC, British Values and Prevent requirements.

The pack has been awarded the Association for Citizenship Teaching’s Quality Mark, recognising it as an outstanding Citizenship teaching resource.

The pack is also a TES Picks Resource,and has been designated a Global Learning Resource by Think Global.

Reviews of the pack be found on our testimonials page.

Under Pressure is made up of three cross-curricular lessons:

Front cover of our Under Pressure teaching packpdfWhole Pack
pdf Lesson 2 (KS3 Version)

Lesson 2 PowerPoint
Lesson 2 PowerPoint (KS3 Verison)

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