Photo by Daniel O’Toole
“CND Peace Education plays a pivotal role in our schools because the most powerful of all weapons is knowledge, for this is a compass that helps us find the path to a peaceful future. We must all be a bridge to this path and not a barricade.”

– Antony Owen


Antony Owen was born in Coventry and was raised by working class parents. His poetry subjects are diverse with a general focus on forgotten people and the consequences of conflict.

He is the author of four poetry collections by Pighog Press, Heaventree Press, and Hesterglock Press. His work has appeared worldwide in several literary journals, with notable inclusions of translated war poems in anthologies published in 2015 by Poetry International (Europe) and Coal Sack Press (Japan).

In 2015 Owen self-funded a trip to Hiroshima to interview A-bomb survivors and meet schools who have been taught some of his poems. His work has been exhibited at various peace centres including the International Convention Centre, Hiroshima. Following his visit Coal Sack Press recently quoted; “He (Owen) must be the emotion transmitted poet who can create the new English version of anthology of genbaku (atomic bomb) poems. I feel certain that Mr Owen will pass on the thoughts and feelings of hibakusha (a-bomb survivors) from generation to generation.”