Peace education is the most important sort of education that a student can have; it is vital, meaningful and could literally save our planet. We need to educate our children and to create our own peace games, to counter the symbolic and actual violence of nuclear war.
As Hiroshima and Nagasaki fade from living memory, it is easy to forget the lethal consequences of nuclear warfare. We live in a time of precarious peace, when nuclear weapons and peace studies are omitted from our school curriculum. This helps to maintain collective ignorance around the past, present and future risks of retaining nuclear weapons.
– Becky Alexis-Martin


Dr Becky Alexis-Martin is an award-winning pacifist scholar, author and photographer. Her first book, “Disarming Doomsday”, critically considers the social, cultural, ​and spatial inequalities and harms perpetuated by nuclear warfare, and was the recipient of the 2020 L.H.M. Ling Outstanding First Book Prize.

Dr Alexis-Martin defined nuclear geographies as a new sub-field of critical geography in 2017. She has since published her research on nuclear communities internationally, across peer-reviewed academic journals and international news media – such as the Guardian, the Independent and the Conversation. She is gradually working on her second book, which is a co-edited collection called “Atomic Anthropocene”.