Premiere and launch of A Guided Tour of the Unacceptable – film, discussion, stories, songs

About this event
The premiere screening/launch of short film A Guided Tour of the Unacceptable, followed by a live event featuring discussion, songs and stories from some of the film’s participants, including Rachel Sermanni and Karine Polwart.

A Guided Tour of the Unacceptable is a geographical and historical tour of the UK’s nuclear weapons on the Clyde and resistance to them, with archive footage of sixties sit-downs , huge demos in the 80’s, canoes buzzing the first Trident arrivals, mass blockades, up to the 21st Century XR protesters.

Jointly commissioned by Scottish CND and Secure Scotland, this event and the film commemorate the Faslane Peace Camp’s 40th birthday, and the first meeting of the countries that have signed the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, on the 77th anniversary of the US atomic attack on Nagasaki.

For any queries please contact  Scottish CND via Janet Fenton (07795 594573) or Lynn Jamieson (07974 631397)

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Old Royal High School