CND invites all our local groups to join us for an online workshop on how to best use social media to promote our campaigns.



With so many social media networks out there, it’s hard to keep on top of them all. Luckily the same content can be used across different platforms with little alterations. This workshop will:
1. Look at what makes good social media content.
2. Give an overview of the social network sites used by CND – and how they’re used.
2. Examine what content works best and why?
3. Empower CND groups to create their own content.
4. Discuss how CND groups can collaborate on improving anti-nuclear campaigning online.

To help inform how this workshop is structured, members are invited to submit questions or specific aspects of social media they would like to see covered. If we can’t fit it into this workshop, it will help form the basis of future training sessions on specific platforms!

Contact with your suggestions or any queries