Please join WILPF and Scottish CND on Thursday 7 March at 7pm for this webinar.

The devastation visited on Ukraine is shocking. The suffering, lives lost, crimes against humanity, human rights abuses, gender-based violence, destruction of infrastructure, environmental degradation, food insecurity, destruction of families, homes, livelihoods and communities are appalling. The economic effects of the war on Ukraine are incalculable. The threat of a nuclear holocaust is real, with its catastrophic consequences for the future of our world.

The effects of this wasteful war on the climate, the environment and food supplies will impact for far longer than the lifetimes of the world leaders who are responsible. We seek a different future, we seek peace-building solutions… connecting to a community who want to make a change.

With guest speakers Almut Rochowanski (WILPF Austria) and Barrie Hebb (economist, academic and consultant).

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