Join this online event organised by CND’s trade union advisory group.

In June, Rolls Royce announced plans to double the size of its Raynesway site in Derby, creating over 1,000 new jobs. This is being supported by funding from the MoD and is part of a major expansion of the company’s submarine sector which has been confirmed as the supplier of nuclear reactor plants to power attack submarines as part of the AUKUS agreement, reflected in the 2022 TUC congress motion supporting increased defence spending.

The concerns of defence sector workers for their future work are valid but the creation of jobs through increased military spending and supporting the war machine is not the answer. With time running out to tackle climate change, public services on their knees with workers struggling in the cost of living crisis, and the rising threat of nuclear war, we need to change our priorities.

This webinar will look at developments in Derby, the support for war and military spending, and discuss how we can build our campaigns to put forward a jobs alternative based on a just transition for defence sector workers that focuses on decarbonised and peace economy.

Speakers include Professor Vivian Price, a Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at California State University and one of the authors of Decarbonising and Diversifying Defence in the United Kingdom and United States – A workers’ enquiry for a just transition; Sean Vernell, UCU; and Moyra Jean, Derby CND.

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