Join CND and our partner organisations internationally for this global peace congress, organised by the International Peace Bureau.

The event is bringing together those involved in international peace and justice movements and interconnected social movements fighting for global justice.  The aim is to come together in order to better confront the global challenges of our time: climate change and environmental collapse, gender, racial and economic inequality, the Covid-19 pandemic, mass migrations, refugee crisis, humanitarian emergencies caused by war and repression, and more. An opportunity to (re) imagine our world, and take action for peace and justice.

The event will bring together a wide variety of experts and advocates from all around the world. Speakers will come from all kinds of disciplines and backgrounds, including both high level representatives and grassroots level voices. It will equally involve diverse fields: peace organizations, feminist and civil rights groups, labour unions, environmentalists, educators, religious and spiritual leaders , development workers, human rights advocates, and more.

CND will be running workshops on digital campaigning and weapons in space.

This will be a fully hybrid event, and is open to all to participate online, or in person (in Barcelona).


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