Join Stop New Nuclear as they surround Springfields nuclear fuel production site.

What is Springfields?

Springfields is the world’s first nuclear fuel manufacturing plant, based in a small village
near Preston. It carries out civil and military nuclear contracts for facilities across the UK, producing nuclear fuel, storing and processing nuclear waste and decommissioning nuclear plants and facilities.

Through the gates of the Springfields plant pass a deadly cargo of materials which have
fuelled nuclear bombs, nuclear reactors and nuclear accidents for over 70 years. These materials pose a radiological and chemical threat to human health and to the environment.

What is the action about?

The Government is still pressing forward with its policy of new nuclear power, despite delays, spiralling costs and even bankruptcy of the major players. Springfields would play a pivotal role in supplying this power and in processing the waste material.

Radioactive material is transported to and from this site nationally and internationally via road and rail. We are inviting you to take this same journey to join us in the dirty core of the UK nuclear industry for a day of protest, information sharing and solidarity. We plan to surround the site with people dressed as nuclear waste barrels – a record breaking attempt!

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