It’s time to get peace back on track. The Hereford Peace Council invites you to join our ‘Peace Train’ campaign. Whether you wave us on from the platform or join us on the train, we welcome your support.

On 7th July last year, 122 countries agreed to make nuclear weapons illegal and begin the diplomatic process to universally eradicate them. ICAN – a network of which CND is part – received the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize for their work in getting the overwhelming majority of United Nations countries to agree to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. However, the UK did not and does not intend to sign this treaty.

Travelling on a regularly scheduled train from the Hope/Chester/Wrexham area, the Hereford Peace Council will collect letters and petitions at every stop along the North to South Wales line down to Newport – demanding that the UK sign the UN’s global nuclear weapons ban treaty. We will then board a train to London and personally deliver all letters and petitions to Caroline Lucas MP (Chair of Parliamentary CND) and Fabian Hamilton MP (Labour’s Shadow Minister for Disarmament).

To join us on the day or offer other support, please contact Kim Holroyd by emailing or phoning 07843 105323