Join Mayors for Peace to discuss  welcome changes to the organisation as we approach the 75th anniversary of the first use of nuclear weapons. The webinar will also be looking at ways to encourage councils to support innovative peace education programmes.


11.00am Councillor Eddy Newman, Manchester City Council’s Mayors for Peace executive representative – webinar introduction
11.05am Sean Morris, UK & Ireland Mayors for Peace Chapter Secretary – the development of the Mayors for Peace European Chapter, the ICAN Cities Appeal and commemorating the 75th anniversary of the atomic weapon attacks and the end of the Second World War
11.20am Elena Tompkins, Policy Assistant, Manchester City Council – overview of placement working in Hiroshima and understanding its role in Mayors for Peace
11.35am Chris Waite and Didge Hatcher, Peace Education Programme Advisors, Peace Partners UK – the work of the Peace Partners Education Programme in community and educational establishments in the UK
11.55am Panel discussion (for a 12.15pm conclusion)

This meeting will be held on the Google Meet web conference platform. If you would like to register, and for all other enquiries, please contact Sean Morris –