Minutes to Midnight: a Nuclear Opera
produced by Minute Hand Opera
as part of Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2020

November 2016. Deep in the bowels of a bunker in North Dakota, 20-some-year-olds Lieutenants Martinez and Walker have one job: launch nuclear missiles should the call from the Commander-in-Chief ever come. Above ground, a new president is about to be elected.

Join a viewing of this opera performance by composer John Sturt and librettist Sophia Chapadjiev, followed by a panel discussion on the world’s current nuclear arsenal: which countries/leaders are in charge of them and what individual citizens can do to be more involved in supporting nuclear disarmament. Panellists include CND Peace Education Patron and academic Dr. Becky Alexis-Martin and CND General Secretary Kate Hudson.

Tickets £1

For any queries, please contact enquiries@cnduk.org