There is overwhelming evidence that women are considerably more sensitive to radiation than men, and children than adults. There is also strong scientific evidence of raised cancer levels among children living near nuclear facilities worldwide. These are crucial findings unknown to most people. To find out more – and discuss how we can take action for change – join CND for this seminar.

Themes included will be women’s increased sensitivity to radiation, child leukemias, Fukushima, Chernobyl and future steps and policy recommendations. Speakers include Prof Carmel Mothersill (McMaster University, Canada); Mary Olson (NIRS, USA); Cindy Folkers (Beyond Nuclear, USA); Dr Ian Fairlie (Vice-President CND); Dr Helen Caldicott (Boston USA); Dr Angelika Claussen (IPPNW, Germany); Prof Kate Brown (MIT, USA); Jill Sutcliffe (Low Level Radiation Conference, UK); Rae Street (CND); Julie Ward (former MEP).

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