Join Stop Sizewell C, Together Against Sizewell C and Suffolk Coastal Friends of the Earth for this protest.

Among the many significant impacts of Sizewell C, few people know that EDF’s rock armour sea defences – the “wall” – will bury a huge part of the much-loved Sizewell beach. To save Sizewell beach we need to stop Sizewell C; and key to this is raising awareness of what will be lost.

Key Info
• Gather on Sizewell beach, near Sizewell Tea. We will start promptly at 10am, finishing by 12 noon approx.
• Bring a yellow high-vis vest or jacket to wear if you have one.
The Event
• We will walk about 1km up the beach for a short briefing.
• We will then spread northwards to form a human wall (arms-length apart) along the line of EDF’s proposed sea defences. Everything inside the “wall” will be part of the construction site and eventually buried under rock armour.
• We will film the “wall” from the air using a drone.
• We aim to be back at Sizewell beach car park by 12 noon.
• Please tell – and bring – friends and family. Let us know if you plan to participate so we have an idea of numbers. Email
• We are liaising with the police and Sizewell B to ensure a smooth running event suitable for everyone.
• This event involves a minimum of 2km of walking, and could be as much as 4 or 5km for those forming the northern end of the wall and/or using our free field parking.
• If you are unable to walk this distance please let us know. We are seeking permission to take a vehicle up the beach and will have limited spaces to transport those who would otherwise be unable to take part. Email
• Sizewell Beach is unfortunately not accessible by public transport but we encourage cycling and car sharing with friends. The beach carpark has limited space and charges a fee. Free parking is provided in a stubble field 15-20 minutes’ walk away (turn right before you reach Sizewell beach and continue past the entrance to the Hall). Field entrance will be signposted. We suggest drivers drop passengers in the beach car park and then use field parking, but please 30-45 minutes to make the drop, park up and walk to re-join the main group by 10am. See Field Parking and Footpath Directions for 19 September for full details.
Minimising our Impact
• The Beach: We ask everyone taking part to make a commitment not to walk on the vegetated shingle as this is home to rare plants and creatures. We will use the main vehicle track as we walk up and down the beach. Likewise we will aim to limit any time spent on the sacrificial dune.
• Covid: We will carefully track covid conditions but this event should not require physical contact with others and we are outdoors throughout. You may wish to bring a mask and hand sanitiser.

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