Join CND for this online meeting on the news that US nuclear bombs could be coming to Lakenheath base in Suffolk.

Anti-nuclear activists protested in the 1980s when US nukes came to Britain, knowing this would put us on the front line in any US nuclear war. The cruise missiles were eventually removed thanks to popular protest and we need to get mobilised to stop a new generation of US nuclear weapons coming to RAF Lakenheath. This is a provocative step at a time when fears are high that the war in Ukraine will go nuclear.

US nuclear bombs coming back to Britain will make us once again a forward nuclear base for the US in Europe. This will make us a target if a US/Russia war is fought in Europe.

We must not let this happen – join us for this webinar to explore how we can oppose this extremely dangerous development.

With guest speakers Marion Küpker, spokeswoman for the ‘Büchel is everywhere! nuclear weapons-free now’ campaign, international coordinator DFG-VK against nuclear weapons, peace officer on nuclear weapons at the Fellowship of Reconciliation Germany, and received the 2019 Aachen Peace Award; Ludo De Brabander, spokesman for Vrede vzw (a Belgian Peace organisation), member of the coordinating comité of the ‘No to war – no to NATO’ network, and author of several books; Sue Wright, Norwich CND (the nearest CND group to the base); and Tom Unterrainer, CND Chair. Chaired by Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary.

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