We urgently call on countries and cities around the world to join the global day of action on 17 February, to stop the genocide in Gaza. The day is currently being supported by more than 100 cities globally.

30,000 have already been killed in Gaza including 13,000 children, and 50% of homes have been destroyed. The devastation extends to critical infrastructure, with nearly all hospitals, schools, and universities reduced to rubble.

We are urging people worldwide to organize protests on 17 February and use the hashtags #GazaGlobalAction and #FreePalestine, symbolising a collective plea for peace and justice.

The situation in Gaza demands our immediate attention and action. The staggering death toll reflects the depth of the humanitarian crisis that has unfolded, leaving families shattered and communities devastated.

To those who value human rights, justice, and international solidarity, we implore you to stand with us. Organise protests in your city, at landmarks that symbolise the power to influence change. Whether it be city squares, government buildings, or iconic public spaces, make your presence felt.

This is not just a call to protest; it is an invitation to be part of a global movement that transcends borders. Through peaceful assembly, we can amplify our shared commitment to justice and express our unwavering solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Stop the Genocide in Gaza and demand Freedom for Palestine.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Palestinian Forum in Britain
Stop the War Coalition
Friends of Al-Aqsa
Muslim Association of Britain
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament