A portrait photo of Kate Hudson
Dr Kate Hudson
CND General Secretary
Kate Hudson has been General Secretary of CND since September 2010. Prior to this she served as the organisation's Chair from 2003. She is a leading anti-nuclear and anti-war campaigner nationally and internationally.
Written by Kate Hudson

Tomorrow tens of thousands of people will march in London to Stop Trident. This demonstration is organised by CND and supported by 27 national organisations. It represents a groundswell of popular opposition to nuclear weapons far beyond the ranks of the peace movement – a societal surge represented by participants and speakers from faith communities, trade unions and social movements across civil society. And it represents a new cross party consensus as shown by the presence of party leaders, from across the United Kingdom.

Stopping Trident is not a fringe demand, it is not a minority protest. Stopping Trident is the new common sense. It’s the rational voice. Today’s mobilisation demonstrates this is a demand from across society, from every corner of our beloved lands, from every age, faith and walk of life. We are the majority and we will prevail.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.