For immediate release: 18 November 2003
Ken Livingstone and CND Chair Kate Hudson will greet Vietnam veteran and peace campaigner Ron Kovic at the entrance to London’s City Hall tomorrow evening at 5.20pm. The photo call, where the keynote guests will also answer press questions, will take place at the start of a Peace Reception organised by the Greater London Authority with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The event, at City Hall tomorrow (Wednesday) from 5.30pm – 8pm, will include speeches from the Mayor and Ron Kovic and Kate Hudson. VIP guests include representatives of the arts world, famous musicians and actors, MPs, journalists and Trade Union reps.

Ron Kovic is a Vietnam Veteran, former Marine Corps Sergeant, author of “Born on the 4th of July” and co-screenwriter (with Oliver Stone) of the film of the same name. He served 2 tours of duty during the Vietnam War and was paralyzed from his chest down in combat in Vietnam on January 20, 1968. He has been paralyzed and in a wheel chair ever since and is an active peace campaigner.

This week Ken Livingstone called George Bush “the greatest threat to life on this planet that we’ve probably ever seen.”

Kate Hudson said,
“Mayor Livingstone is right to mark Bush’s visit in this way. What more appropriate time could there be to honour peace activists and pay tribute to Ron Kovic’s dedication to the cause of peace? We stand for justice, morality and the upholding of international law. This is in sharp contrast to Bush and his entourage, who represent illegal aggression and the devastation of lives and communities.’

The event is one of several anti-Bush events planned by CND this week. Others include carrying a giant nuclear missile on the cavalcade on Wednesday and jointly organising the huge demonstration on Thursday with the Stop the War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain.