The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is organising a national demonstration at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk on Saturday, 21st May – to protest against the return of US nuclear bombs to Britain. Hundreds of supporters from across the country are expected to attend a rally at the base.

  • Location: RAF Lakenheath viewing area, off Wangford Road, IP27 0SJ
  • Assembly between 1pm to 3pm for rally with speakers and live entertainment

Our demonstration follows reports that underground nuclear storage bunkers at RAF Lakenheath – which exclusively hosts US Air Force aircraft and personnel – are to be included in a multi-million dollar upgrade programme by the US Department of Defense.

It is widely understood that this work is in preparation for the return of US nuclear weapons to the base, after their removal in 2008 due to sustained protest. The US is the only country which sites its nuclear weapons outside its own borders.

CND and supporters will be joined at the base by peace activists from Europe who organise against the same type of US nuclear bombs being hosted in their own country. The presence of the bombs are likely to make the host bases a nuclear target.

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said:

“At a time when tensions in Europe are at their highest in over a generation, the news that US free-fall nuclear bombs are likely returning to Britain after fourteen years is an extremely worrying development. What’s more, the UK government has obfuscated attempts by Parliamentary CND to get answers on this issue – by saying it can neither confirm nor deny the reports.

Whether they are British or US nuclear weapons, their presence here certainly doesn’t make us any safer. On the contrary, they make us a target and ensure that Britain will be at the forefront of any nuclear confrontation between the US and Russia. We are gathering at RAF Lakenheath to demand that the UK government stops the return of US nuclear bombs to Britain, and to send the message that we will not accept this country once again becoming a forward base for US nuclear weapons in Europe.”