This year has been a story of extreme and record-breaking weather:
• heatwaves throughout southern Europe
• fires and pollution in North America
• record-breaking winter heatwaves in South America
• the warmest winter ever in Australia
• record high temperatures and rainfall in Asia
• severe droughts in the Middle East and Africa

Despite calls for world leaders to step up action on climate change, greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise while politicians here and elsewhere bicker over climate and energy policy. Some see the inclusion of low-carbon nuclear power as a quick fix.

Labour CND’s pamphlet, launched at Labour Party conference in Liverpool, explains why the idea that nuclear power can come to the rescue is a false and dangerous mistake.

In the face of the two biggest threats to humanity – climate change and nuclear war – Sam Mason makes a powerful case against nuclear power and explains why the Labour Party must oppose it.

Labour, Climate Change & Nuclear Power is available from Labour CND, price £3 plus £1 p&p – order your copy from