As the leaders of NATO gather in Madrid next week to discuss the bloc’s next Strategic Concept, including policy towards Russia and China, peace activists across the world are gathering to call for an alternative!

This Saturday, 25th June, CND and Stop the War Coalition are holding a demonstration outside the Ministry of Defence in London.

  • Location: Ministry of Defence (opposite Downing Street), Londo
  • Time: 2-3.30PM

The event will have a great line-up of speakers including: Mohammad Asif, Director of Afghan Human Rights Foundation; George Solomou, former British soldier who resigned over the Iraq War; Kate Hudson, CND general secretary; Alex Gordon, President of RMT; Lindsey German, Convenor of Stop the War; Roger McKenzie, Liberation general secretary; and musician Sean Taylor.

Other events are taking place across the country and the MoD/Downing Street demo will be broadcast live on zoom as part of the ’24-hour peace Wave’ organised by the International Peace Bureau and World Beyond War.

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said:

“Every NATO Strategic Concept since 1999 has involved further expansion of this nuclear-armed bloc – with a seemingly endless supply of money being poured into weapons development and procurement. To continue this at a time of increased financial and environmental insecurity is irresponsible and only increases global security risks.

CND and fellow peace activists have long-argued that an alternative security framework for Europe and beyond is needed – one that rejects militarism and puts peace, environmentalism, and genuine co-operation at its heart.”