The CND symbol tour visited Chesterfield on a beautiful September day. Chesterfield CND was arranging this stop of the tour and placed the installation in front of the famous Crooked Spire, where the leaden colours complemented each other beautifully in the autumn sunlight. In the square next to the Church, the Borough Council had lent us a bright red, eye-catching gazebo, which we plastered, hippy style, with colourful flags and banners.

Accompanying the symbol was a game, courtesy of Derby CND, which challenged visitors to decide how they would choose to spend the money earmarked for Trident. It was a difficult choice between housing, hospitals and schools, although one stray ball ended up in the Trident hopper – in the interests of democracy, the donor said! Decisions were made according to the circumstances of the donors – a young, previously homeless girl opted for housing, and was very proud to write her address on our petition. The NHS did very well, and so did schools, and many interesting discussions were had.

Chesterfield CND did a fantastic job organising the stop. If you would like to get in touch with them, please contact 01246 220741 or email

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