13 October 2004: For immediate release

Peace and anti war campaigners from across Europe will be in London this weekend for the European Social Forum (ESF). The ESF will take place from Friday 15th October until Sunday 17th October. It will close with an international demonstration through central London, from Russell Square to Trafalgar Square at 2pm on Sunday 17th. A major theme of the demo and this year’s ESF is a call for the end to the occupation of Iraq.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is playing a central role in the ESF. There will be a number of peace and anti-war seminars and plenaries with speakers from across Europe. Speakers include Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Bruce Kent, Vice President CND and Arielle Denis, Co-president of le Mouvement de la paix in France. There will also be a live link-up with Mordechai Vanunu – the Israeli nuclear whistle-blower – at the ‘Strategies for Peace and Global Disarmament’ plenary on Saturday 16th October, from 4.30 to 6.30pm.

Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and a spokesperson for the ESF said,

“It was from the first ESF in Florence in November 2002 that the call for the global day of action against war on Iraq on 15th February 2003 came. On that day we saw over 10 million mobilising in a global call for peace. With the US and Britain waging illegal war, threatening nuclear first-strike and developing new nuclear weapons, the issues of war and peace have never been so important.

The illegal war against Iraq and continued occupation is leading to increased death and an escalation of violence. The violence and the killing will not end until the occupation ends. This weekend people from all over Europe will show the world their opposition to Bush’s warmongering policies and the support they have received from the British government. In the run up to the US Presidential elections the message from London will be clear; no wars, no nukes, end the occupation of Iraq.”

Bruce Kent, Vice President of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament said,

“Another world is possible must mean a world in which we learn to solve our problems without endless wars and the ever present threat of nuclear disaster”

Arielle Denis, Co-president of le Mouvement de la paix, of France said,

“Peace is not just the absence of war, peace is a global and social process linked with the access to fundamental needs and rights, to democracy, to education. The Social Forums are special moments to link all those roots of peace. They are also building a European and world civil society which is now working on concrete alternatives to globalization, bringing together the experience of many different citizens. They agree on fighting together for a world without war, February the 15th was one of its projects. The links with many struggles are obvious: the world cannot sustain the arms race, as it leads to enormous expenditure and to war. The French delegation to the ESF is very happy to meet the British movement and the strong peace spirit that you have built. ”



Notes to editor:

1. For more information and to arrange interviews with speakers please contact Ruth Tanner CND’s Press & Communications Officer on 07968 420859

2. For further information on the European Social Forum go to www.fse-esf.org

3. To see a full list of the anti-war and peace events at the ESF please go to https://www.cnduk.org/pages/esf.pdf

4. Please contact Ruth Tanner CND’s Press & Communications Officer on 07968 420859 for further information on the live linkup with Mordecai Vanunu at the ‘Strategies for Peace and Global Disarmament Plenary- against Nuclear Weapons and military bases’ (Plenary 1.3) at Alexandra Palace on Saturday 16th October from 4.30-6.30pm. Others speakers include: Nella Ginatempo (Bastaguerra, Italy); Achin Vanaik (anti-nuclear campaigner, India); Frances Tubau (Catalunya Social Forum); Christos Petrakos (human shield, Greek social forum); Kate Hudson (Chair, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK). Moderators: Remedios Garcia (OSPAAAL) Spain and Bruce Kent (Vice-President CND)

5. ESF DEMONSTRATION: Against War and Privatisation – ‘No war – no nukes’ ‘End the Occupation of Iraq’. 14.00 Sunday 17th October 2004. Assemble Russell Square, London WC1 at 1pm, March to Trafalgar Square at 2pm, rally at 3.30pm. Followed at 5pm by music from Asian Dub Foundation. Whitehall to Trafalgar Square. Coaches will drop off on Southampton Row and pick up on the Embankment. Speakers at the rally include Aleida Guevara, Tony Benn, Kate Hudson, Bruce Kent, Rose Gentle

6. For interviews or comments from Kate Hudson, Chair of CND, Bruce Kent, Vice President CND please contact Ruth Tanner CND’s Press & Communications Officer on 07968 420859