To coincide with both London Fashion Week & the UN World Peace Day, eco couture house seraglia is unveiling an exquisite hand-crafted necklace featuring the CND symbol. The first of a limited edition of two, it is available for £5,000 with 90% of the price being donated towards CND’s ongoing campaign against nuclear weapons.

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Since its creation 50 years ago, the CND or ‘peace’ symbol has become one of the most globally recognized emblems and can now be found painted, woven, printed or knitted on almost any item. As a design classic it has formed a key element in the products of leading designers such as Moschino, Dolce & Gabanna and Tiffany’s.

Whilst the symbol, never copyrighted by CND, has been used world-wide in contexts far removed from the original anti-nuclear message, its original meaning remains just as relevant in 2008 as in 1958. Marking its 50th anniversary this year, CND and its message are needed ‘now more than ever’.

The UK government plan to spend £76 billion on replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system which consists of 160 nuclear warheads, each 8 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb which killed 140,000 people. A Trident submarine is submerged somewhere in the Atlantic, ready to fire 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Humanity’s inability to resolve its differences peacefully has moved seraglia to create this rare and spectacular necklace.

Peace Warrior No.1 is presented in a specially fitted antique case, along with a rare bound library copy of the Government’s 1959 ‘Nuclear Weapons Manual of Civil Defence’. The necklace is made using wired links for fluidity and movement, and fastens with a hook, allowing the length to be altered from chest piece to choker, as desired.

This necklace has been crafted from:Fire opal faceted Swarovski beads and crystals
Fire polished Japanese Miyuki bugle beads
1940s plastic pendants from US occupied Japan
Ancient Roman carnelian and rock crystal beads circa 400 AD
Vintage glass cylinder beads from Czechoslovakia
Traditional brass accent pieces from the USA
Vintage coral and amber beads
Antique Victorian gilded glass mourning beads
Dichroic fused glass accent bead
Encased pendant with applied crystals and hand painted design on 10,000 year old mammoth ivory
Peace Warrior is currently on show to trade buyers and the press at the Exhibition at London Fashion Week along with reclaimed pieces by seraglia and other members of the REVAMP collective. It will also feature in the REVAMP runway show at ‘Feelgood Fashion’ at the British Library, 17th of September.

Press and media opportunities

15th – 18th of September: Peace Warrior is on display at stand LC66 at Estethica, The Exhibition at London Fashion Week S/S 09, Natural History Museum in South Kensington, for press and buyer access please visit.

17th of September: Feelgood Fashion ‘Inspiring Entrepreneurs’ Event; A celebration of ethical entrepreneurship and cutting-edge design at the British Library Conference Centre on the discussion on Ethical Fashion at 6pm, followed by a Fashion Show and Reception at 8pm.

19th of September: To coincide with both the close of London Fashion Week, and the forthcoming World Peace Day, there will be a press call on Friday morning. This will feature a leading West End dancer and Vogue model and will also be attended by the designer and a CND representative. Location TBC – Please call CND to book.