For immediate release: 27 May 2004

As the D Day anniversary approaches, a Devonport Second World War veteran will hand back a container of ‘contaminated’ mud from the river Tamar to the Devonport Dockyard authorities on behalf of the people of Plymouth. Marjory Trevor, a WREN based at the Dockyards during the 2nd World War will be part of a national demonstration through the centre of Plymouth on the 29th May. The demonstration is organised by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament to highlight the nuclear and environmental concerns resulting from the refit of the Trident submarine Vanguard at Devonport.

The demonstration, which begins on the Plymouth Hoe at 1pm, will march past the Dockyards at 1.45. At the Dockyards Kate Hudson, Chair of CND and veteran WREN Marjory Trevor will hand in a statement of opposition to the refits taking place. A ‘Weapons Inspector’ will also be there to carry the large container of mud from the river Tamar to highlight the radioactive contamination resulting from the refit. The march will then continue on to the Devonport Park where there will be speeches and music.

Marjory Trevor said:

“I served during the Second World War in the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) and was based at Devonport in Plymouth. What we did then was necessary; we were fighting for freedom and justice. I was in Devonport because I believed in what I was doing and am proud of the role I played, but what the ships are carrying now is horrifying and dangerous. I am back in Plymouth today because I believe that it is morally indefensible to have nuclear weapons. I am trying in my small way to do what I can to say no to Trident.”

Kate Hudson, Chair of CND said:

“This refit programme is a threat to the environment and a threat to the health and safety of the people of Plymouth. The emergency planning is insufficient and the guidance would be laughable if we were not dealing with a potential disaster situation.

This process is also part of a bigger picture of which we must all be aware. Our government is committed under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to getting rid of its nuclear weapons. Instead, they are refitting the Trident nuclear weapons submarines: not only failing to comply with their Treaty obligations, but also bringing great dangers to the people of Plymouth. The refit must be brought to an end and Trident scrapped.”