The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, together with the Stop the War Coalition, will tomorrow hold a demonstration calling for calling for an end to the bombing of Libya. It will take place outside the UK-called conference to organise ‘regime change’ in Tripoli.

The Foreign Office has called the discussion, which will include Hilary Clinton and foreign ministers from other states involved in the bombing, to “begin to support a new political future for Libya”. This is despite the Secretary General of NATO claiming them to be ‘neutral’ in the conflict.

Kate Hudson, General Secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said “The planned discussions at the London conference tomorrow go far beyond the action agreed at the UN. Once again this looks as though the plan is to impose ‘regime change’ by bombing. NATO claims to be ‘neutral’, but is now consistently targeting Libyan government forces ahead of opposition military attacks. This is now an intervention in a civil war. CND calls for an end to the bombing and a ceasefire on all sides – Gaddafi, opposition and NATO.

Date: Tomorrow, Tuesday 29th March
Time: From 12.30 – 1.30
Location: Corner of St. James’s Street and Pall Mall – near to the conference venue at Lancaster House.