27 April 2005: for immediate release

Thousands of peace activists from around the world are planning to non-violently disrupt one of Britain’s most important military bases on the 4th July – just two days before the start of the G8 Summit. The protestors want to close the base and to highlight the way in which the G8 uses militarism to defend and extend the globalisation that allows the exploitation of the poor and destruction of the environment.

The demonstration, organised by Trident Ploughshares, CND and Scottish CND, will be at Faslane naval base – home to Britain’s nuclear WMD Programme, and activists plan to use their bodies, as well as equipment such as piping and chains – to physically blockade all of the gates to the base. Others are expected to try and cut and swim their way into the top security base to cause the maximum amount of disruption.

A spokesperson for the Faslane G8 Team, Joss Garman, explained, “The military forces of the G8 are used to kill, maim and poison people all over the world for the sake of profit and power. That’s business as usual for the G8.”

He continued, “The G8 will never make poverty history unless they also make war history. Militarism is one of the greatest causes of poverty and environmental destruction, and is the means by which western governments enforce their destructive economic policies.”

There have been a number of successful non-violent blockades at Faslane in recent years, with hundreds of people arrested, including parliamentarians and clergy. The Faslane blockades have become renowned for their peaceful, carnival-like atmosphere, and the protest on July 4th will also be non-violent, but much bigger, with large numbers of anti-militarist, environmental and anti-capitalist activists expected to take part.

The day of action at Faslane is supported by a wide range of groups including UNISON, Stop the War, Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), G8 Alternatives and Voices in the Wilderness.

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